16-Port USB PS/2 Combo KVM Switch with Cables
16-Port USB PS/2 Combo KVM Switch with Cables
Item Number: GCS1716KIT
16-Port Combo KVM Switch w/ Cables
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The GCS1716 KVM is a combo switch allowing access and control of up to 256 computers from a single console (keyboard, mouse, and monitor). As many as 16 additional switches can be cascaded bringing the total number of connected computers to 256 computers that can be controlled from a single keyboard-monitor-mouse console. A custom ASIC (patent pending) provides an auto-sensing function that recognizes the position of each station on the installation, eliminating the need to manually set the position with DIP switches. Additionally, the GCS1716 features high density SPHD 15-pin instead of the usual 25-pin connectors thus allowing for a compact design and installation in a 1U system rack. 

The GCS1716 includes one USB port located on the front panel for easy access and sharing of any USB peripherals. Setup is fast and easy; plugging cables into their appropriate ports is all that is needed. The switch supports both USB and PS/2 connections for the console and computers. The GCS1716 intercepts keyboard input directly, thus eliminating the need for any software configuration. Switching between computers can be easily accomplished either by manually pressing the front panel push button port LEDs, entering hotkey combinations from the keyboard, or via a menu driven multilingual on-screen display (OSD) system. A convenient auto-scan feature permits automatic scanning and monitoring of activities on all connected.
GCS1716KIT Included Cables:
  • 6 x 2M USB KVM cable (G2L5202U)
  • 6 x 3M USB KVM cable (G2L5203U)
  • 2 x 2M PS/2 KVM cable (G2L5202P)
  • 2 x 3M PS/2 KVM cable (G2L5203P)
    • Eliminates the excessive expense of additional monitors, keyboards and mice. 
    • Increases office space, productivity, and provides as an energy cost savings solution.
    • It contributes to a greener environment by reducing the amount of waste generated by multiple components.
    • An easy / efficient way to organize and streamline a growing or expanding server operation.

    • Multi platform OS support - Windows®, Mac, Sun Solaris™ , and Linux®
    • Easy to operate - computer selection via front panel LED’s, intuitive OSD (on screen display), and hotkeys
    • *Cascade up to 2 levels - control up to 256 computers from a single console
    • Security - 2 level password protection for OSD
    • Maximum video resolution: up to 2048 x 1536
    • ** Front USB Port - Fully compliant with USB 1.1 for system upgrades and shared peripherals
    • Rack mountable in a 19" (1U) system rack
    • Custom ASIC provides an auto-sensing function that recognizes the position of each station on the installation
    • Fully Supports DDC2B

    *(Firmware update is now available at http://www.iogear.com/support/dm/)

    ** Only systems connected with the USB KVM cables will be able to access the front USB port for system upgrades and shared peripherals.

    Computer Connections
    Daisy Chain or Cascading256 (via Cascade)
    Port SelectionHotkeys, OSD, Button
    Console1 x SPHD-18 Male (Yellow)
    Computer/KVM16 x SPHD-15 Female (Yellow)
    Power1 x DC Jack
    USB1 x USB 1.1 Type A Female
    Reset Switch1 x Semi-Recessed Push Button
    F/W Upgrade1 x Slide Switch
    Port Selection16 x Push Button
    KeyboardPS/2, USB
    MousePS/2, USB
    Video ResolutionVGA 2048x1536, DDC2B
    VoltageDC 5.3V
    Scan Interval1-255 sec
    Operation Temperature0~50C
    Storage Temperature-20~60C
    Humidity0~80% RH, Non-condensing
    Unit Dimensions
    Unit Package Dimensions
    Unit Pack Wt.18.39lb
    Unit Wt. w/accessories15.61lb
    Unit Wt.6.02lb

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