4 Port KVMP Switch with USB 2.0 Hub and Audio
4 Port KVMP Switch with USB 2.0 Hub and Audio
Item Number: GCS1804
4 Port USB KVMP with Audio and On Screen Display
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The GCS1804 is the latest addition to IOGEAR's market leading KVM product line. It is a 4-port KVMP switch with stereo audio ports and an integra ted 2-port USB 2.0 hub. Now, users can control up to four computers and share two additional USB peripherals from a single keyboard, monitor, and mouse console.

It features the paten ted asynchronous switching, which allows the user to independently switch applications between the connec ted computers. You can run an application on one computer while running another application on the other. Moreover, the integra ted 2-port USB 2.0 hub is available for each computer to share multiple peripherals connec ted directly to the hub or via daisy chaining external powered USB 2.0 hubs. Access to such peripherals is performed on a one-at-a-time basis. Additionally, IOGEAR's Display Emulation Technology* makes the switch intelligent to read and remember the monitor's optimal display parameters and refresh rate. Finally, the audio ports allow for connecting powered PC speakers for stereo sound and a single microphone for audio input/output to each computer.

Switching between computers can be done in three convenient ways: 1) push button port selection loca ted on the unit's front panel, 2) an On Screen Display (OSD) selection panel, and 3) a "Hotkey" programmable combinations entered from the keyboard.

Setup is fast and easy; simply plug the cables into their appropriate ports. There is no software to configure or install. Also, the included USB to PS/2 converter permits flexible configurations for the keyboard and mouse.

*IOGEAR’s Display Emulation Technology provides the EDID support for Windows 7


  • 4-port KVMP switch w/ built-in 2-port High Speed USB 2.0 compliant hub
  • Dual interface - Supports computers with PS/2 or USB keyboard and mouse configurations*
  • Audio enabled - Full bass response provides 2.1 stereo sound
  • Console audio ports on front panel for easy access
  • Independent switching of KVM, USB, and Audio
  • Maximum VGA video resolution 2048 x 1536 - Supports widescreen monitors
  • Three convenient computer switching methods - Front panel push button, On Screen Display (OSD), or programmable Hotkeys
  • Display Emulation Technology – Reads and remembers the display's optimal parameters (DDC) to eliminate delays or change in video resolutino when swithcing between or booting computers
  • Console mouse port emulation bypass feature supports programmable mice
  • Complete keyboard emulation for error free booting
  • Sun/Mac keyboard support and emulation**
  • Auto Scan Mode for sequentially monitoring all computers
  • LED display for easy status monitoring
  • Complete solution – All cables included
  • Easy installation – No software required
*PS/2 KVM Cables are available and sold seperately.
** PC keyboard combinations emulate Sun/Mac keyboards and Sun keyboards only work with Sun computers
CPU Connectors
MouseUSB or PS/2
KeyboardUSB or PS/2
Audio2.1 sound
PeripheralsUSB 2.0
Console Connectors
Audio2.1 sound
Voltage5.3 VDC
Video Resolution2048 x 1536 DDC2B
Computer Connections
Cable Connections
USB PeripheralsGreen
Port IDOrange
Unit Dimensions
Width7.9 in [20.1 cm]
Height1.6 in [4.1 cm]
Depth2.9 in [7.4 cm]
Unit Package Dimensions
Width12.9 in [32.8 cm]
Height8.4 in [21.3 cm]
Depth4.0 in [10.2 cm]
Master Carton
Width17.5 in [44.4 cm]
Height13.8 in [35.0 cm]
Depth12.9 in [32.8 cm]
Master Carton Qty.6 ea
Master Carton Wt.31.6 lbs [14.3 kg]
Unit Pack Wt.5.2 lbs [2.4 kg]
Unit Wt.1.6 lbs [.72 kg ]

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